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My name is Brea (pronounced Bree)I'm 18 years of age (b-day 4/20)As of last week I currently live in:Wailuku, HI on the island of MauiI am currently NEW to tumblr (Aug 31)California Born ;)I'm in LOVE with musicI'm an unmotivated artist and bass playerI want to do special effects make-up in moviesLater I wish to become a movie Director So talk to me, I answer all questions that aren't sexual ;0p.s. Favorite movie genre Horror and Zombies(I believe zombies deserved their own category) OH 18 How childish you are. Currently 19 and still unmotivated. I've decided that my tumblr will consist of post from The Chive (and whatever else I decide to throw in). If this ever takes off, go to their site is amazing. KCCO. Omgosh I have to add on to this again. Now 21 years of age, I'm yet again going to take another crack at having a successful tumblr. I'm not sure if I'm going to be any more mature since I've started when I was 18 but we'll see I guess. Most of these statements are still true except I might have a little but more motivation in life than before. Let's see if I can actually keep this thing rolling this time.